Ongoing Work

CNVC-related work is ongoing in several regions of Canada under the auspices of several governmental and non-governmental initiatives. Current efforts are primarily focused on the development of associations, although work is beginning on the development of upper levels of the classification. See the Updates page for the most recently updated material.

Current projects include:
1) definition and description of CNVC forest and woodland associations coordinated by Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service under the auspices of its Canadian Forest Ecosystem Classification (CFEC) project.

2) definition and description of provincial / territorial forest and woodland associations, compliant with CNVC standards, in British Columbia, Ontario, Qu├ębec, and Yukon Territory under the auspices of provincial / territorial governmental classification programs.

3) definition and description of forest and woodland associations for the Maritime provinces, compliant with CNVC standards, under the auspices of provincial governmental classification programs.

4) definition and description of arctic and subarctic associations, coordinated by the Yukon Territorial Government and Parks Canada under the auspices of International Polar Year (IPY) funding.

5) development of mappable vegetation zones and subzones for Canada, linked to the CNVC classification.

6) testing in Canadian vegetation conditions of upper hierarchy concepts of the United States National Vegetation Classification (USNVC).

7) development of CNVC classification standards, overseen by the CNVC Technical Committee.

8) ongoing development of this CNVC website.