Abstract for F056

Tropical Freshwater Aquatic Vegetation [does not occur in Canada]
Végétation aquatique tropicale d'eau douce [absente du Canada]

This type occurs in tropical shallow to deep water habitats where emergent vegetation is <10% cover, and submerged or floating-aquatic plants have >1% cover. The upper limits of salinity are set at approximately 0.5 ppt, above which it is typically considered saltwater. Submerged or floating-aquatic plants usually dominate the vegetation. Open surface water up to 2 m deep is present for all or most of the year. Water levels are seasonally stable, permanently flooded, or intermittently exposed during droughts, low flows or intertidal periods.

Source: Faber-Langendoen, D., T. Keeler-Wolf, D. Meidinger, C. Josse, A. Weakley, D. Tart, G. Navarro, B. Hoagland, S. Ponomarenko, J.-P. Saucier, G. Fults, E. Helmer. 2014. Classification and description of world formation types. Part I (Introduction) and Part II (Description of world formations). Hierarchy Revisions Working Group, Federal Geographic Data Committee, FGDC Secretariat, U.S. Geological Survey. Reston, VA, and NatureServe, Arlington, VA.

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