Abstract for F038

Mediterranean Scrub & Grassland [does not occur in Canada]
Broussailles et prairies méditerranéennes [absentes du Canada]

Mediterranean Scrub & Grassland includes the sclerophyllous scrub and herbaceous vegetation, which develops in Mediterranean climates (moderately dry, warm temperate, maritime climates with little or no summer rain). It occurs in the Mediterranean Basin, southwestern California in the United States, west-central Chile, the western Cape Province of South Africa, and southwestern and southern Australia. Sclerophyll-leaved growth forms prevail, but facultatively drought-deciduous "soft chaparral" forms may also occur. Mixed annual and perennial grasslands and non-grass "forblands" may also occur, with only scattered scrub. Shrub growth forms range from low, open subshrubs (<1 m) to arborescent (2 to 5 m tall) shrubs with a closed canopy, in response to moisture, fire and other factors. Dominant plants are affected by frequent fires. Sclerophyll woodlands and forest are excluded [(See F018 - Warm Temperate Forest & Woodland Formation under C01, S18)]. Grasslands are a mix of annual and perennial growth forms.

Source: Faber-Langendoen, D., T. Keeler-Wolf, D. Meidinger, C. Josse, A. Weakley, D. Tart, G. Navarro, B. Hoagland, S. Ponomarenko, J.-P. Saucier, G. Fults, E. Helmer. 2014. Classification and description of world formation types. Part I (Introduction) and Part II (Description of world formations). Hierarchy Revisions Working Group, Federal Geographic Data Committee, FGDC Secretariat, U.S. Geological Survey. Reston, VA, and NatureServe, Arlington, VA.

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