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Classification References

A list of references for data and procedural stages employed in developing the association.

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Characterization References

A list of published references associated with data and other information sources employed in developing the association and subassociation descriptions.
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Suggested Citation

Use the suggested citation when citing this factsheet. The scientific name is the official name for the association so should be used instead of the common name. Enter the date you accessed the factsheet on the website where it says "ENTER DATE ACCESSED".

The date that follows the scientific name is the date of description, which is the date the factsheet was written.

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The date refers to when the factsheet was printed to downloadable pdf format. Note the date the factsheet was written may be found in the Suggested Citation immediately following the scientific name of the association, and is also shown as the “Date of Description” in the Source Information section.

ISSN is the International Standard Serial Number.